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How do you Make an Octopus Laugh?

How do you Make an Octopus Laugh

How to make an octopus laugh? Does it sound like a genuine and seriously asked question? This sounds more like a riddle rather than a question and you may also be expecting a funny answer to this question. Before thinking of the trick to make an octopus laugh, you must know how exactly does an octopus laugh? What are the facial expressions of the octopus while laughing? Because after all, an octopus in no sense looks like a human and cannot laugh the way we humans do.

Firstly, it is important to figure out whether the octopus has the capability to laugh or not. If yes, then how can we differentiate a laughing octopus?

Can an Octopus Laugh?

You must have seen in cartoons and animated movies that facial expressions of the octopus change when it laughs but in reality, there is no justification or proof that makes this statement valid that “the octopus can laugh”. So, we can not surely say that the octopus can laugh. And if it is not confirmed that the octopus can laugh or not, we cannot make an assumption about the trick or method to make it laugh.

Since there is no valid proof that can justify the fact that octopuses can laugh, we cannot declare anything regarding this. However, if you really want to see a laughing octopus or make the octopus smile or laugh, just draw a painting or a sketch of the octopus with a laughing face or watch an animated laughing octopus.

The Bottom Line

It is very difficult to observe an animal or any aquatic creature laughing. It is also not confirmed whether the octopus can laugh or not. In fact, no one has ever seen an octopus laughing. Since there is no evidence that the octopus can laugh or not, we cannot declare the ways and tricks to make them laugh. As funny as this question is, you can answer it in a humorous way also.

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