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How Much Does a Betta Fish Cost

How Much Does a Betta Fish Cost

The betta fish is one of the most common fish species that people keep as their pets because of its small size and beautiful look in the aquarium. Betta fish are also considered among the fish types that are very easy to manage. All betta fish are not the same, bettas have numerous types and the cost of a betta fish depends on the type of the betta fish. 

Normally, the cost of the betta fish in dollars ranges from almost “$2 to $30”. But, before deciding on to keep a pet betta fish and estimating cost for it, you must also consider the costs of other factors associated with keeping a pet betta fish i.e. the cost of the fish tank, filters, heater, substrate, fish food etc. So, the cost of owning a betta fish as a pet is a combination of the costs of different factors involved in the process. 

Estimated Costs of Betta Fish 

There are various types of betta fish and all of them cost differently as explained earlier. Here is a brief overview of costs of some of the most common types of the betta fish:

Betta Fish TypeCost in Dollars
Baby Boy Betta $2 to $4
Male delta tail betta$7 to $9
Male Paradise Betta$19 to $21
Male Halfmoon Doubletail Betta$15 to $17
Male Stars and Stripes Betta $19 to $21
Male Halfmoon Betta$14 to $16
Male Blue Marble Betta $24 to $26
Male Copper Betta $19 to $21
Female Blue Veiltail Betta$3 to $4
Female Red Crowntail Betta $4 to $5
Female Green Crowntail Betta $5 to $6

Costs of Different Factors While Purchasing a Betta Fish

The cost of having betta fish as your pet is not just restricted to purchasing the fish but you also need to invest in other necessities for a healthy survival of the betta fish. A fish is kept in the water tank or the aquarium and the substrate must also be present in a certain quantity in the aquarium. Because of the metabolism of the fish, the tank water becomes dirty and polluted after a certain period of time and hence a filter must also be present in the tank to keep the water clean. Moreover, the fish can survive in a certain temperature and hence a temperature control system is also recommended. 

The following are some of the important things that should also be purchased along with purchasing the betta fish:

ProductCost in Dollars
Betta Fish$2 to $30
Fish Tank$50 to $150
Filter$30 to $150
Substrate $5 to $150
Thermometer$9 to $10

Precautions for Having a Pet Betta Fish

It must not be ignored that the betta fish are considered territorial fish that do not tolerate the existence of another fish in their area of living. Moreover, they have a very aggressive nature. So, they easily get into fights with each other and sometimes they fight till death. So, it is highly discouraged to keep multiple bettas (especially multiple male bettas) in a single tank. Hence, it is recommended to purchase a single betta rather than multiple bettas for a single tank.

Moreover, it is generally believed that fish (especially betta fish) are frightened if there is a mirror placed in their surroundings. Bettas sometimes start fighting with their own reflection. So, after purchasing the fish the environment provided to the fish must also be comfortable for them.

The Bottom Line 

Betta fish has different types and the cost of the betta fish depends on its type. Normally, depending on the types of the betta fish, their costs range from almost two dollars to thirty dollars. While purchasing a betta fish, there are also some other expenses associated with them like the costs of the tank in which the fish should be kept, the filters that clean the water, the substrate etc. 

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