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How Often Does A Shark Eat?

How Often Does A Shark Eat?

Most species of sharks are carnivorous species that feed on everything. Sharks have always been portrayed as massive creatures which thought to have a voracious appetite, and have many meals a day to keep themselves healthy. But is that true? Keep on reading to find out the answer.

How Do Sharks Eat?

There are two types of sharks when comes to feeding:

  • They might be filter feeders, which can filter a large amount of water through their mouth, leaving only small animals or plankton.
  • The other are carnivorous species, which engulf the whole prey or may tear it into small pieces with string jaws and then allow them.

How Much do Sharks Eat?

Well, the amount of food sharks eat varies from species to species. On average, they consume 1 to 10 % of food concerning their total body weight. For instance, the Sand Tiger shark weighs around 12 kg and does require 2 to 6 kg of food.

How Often Does A Shark Eat?

The feeding mechanism depends upon the type of shark. Some species of sharks such as filter feeders require two to three meals a day, depending upon their capacity. However, some species such as carnivorous ones feed on a large amount of food and don’t eat again for a week. This is because they have a slow digestion rate which is why they need time to digest the food properly. Further, the oil stored in the liver helps them in surviving when they are not eating.

Why Sharks Do Not Eat Regularly?

Sharks are cold-blooded animals which is why they do not feed on a large amount of food as many people think. They have a slow circulation mechanism which means the process burns out energy slowly. That’s why sharks only eat when they feel hungry.

What Do Sharks Feed On?

Sharks being carnivorous species feed on almost everything including small fishes, sharks, shrimps, lobsters, eels, seals, sea birds, tuna, mackerels, sea turtles, dolphins, crabs, sea lions, squids, or stingrays. In other words, sharks feed on what is available readily, to stay healthy.

When Do Sharks Feed?

Most species of sharks hunt their prey in a daytime however, many species perform their predatory activity probably at night. This is because the sharks feel fear in light hours and at night, the darkness reduces the sharks from being exposed.

Final Verdict

Well, the feeding behavior of sharks varies from species to species but on average, they require 1 to 10 % food concerning the total body weight. Sharks have a slow digestion rate which is why they feed only once or twice a week. Thus, sharks are the most recognizable and exceptional creatures of the oceanic world which feed on almost everything either by filtering or by tearing the prey into small pieces.

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