Shark Feeding – How Do Sharks Eat?

Shark feeding

There are three known methods of shark feeding. The first feeding method is known as filter feeding. Filters inside shark mouths allowing only plankton and tiny fish through. The second method of feeding is by tearing and is used for bigger pray. The last method of shark feeding is swallowing a prey as whole. 1. … Read more

14 Shark Questions & Answers

Shark question

14 of the most interesting shark questions are answered underneath. This article covers the following questions: Are Shark Fish? What Is The Largest Shark? What Is The Smallest Shark? Are Sharks Cold Blooded? What Do Sharks Eat? How Fast Do Sharks Swim? How Long Have Sharks Been Around How Do Sharks Communicate? Do Sharks Get … Read more

A Timeline Of Shark Evolution

Shark Evolution

The evolution of sharks dates back millions of years. Evolutionary evidence is based upon fossilised sharks and the oldest remain dates back 420 million years (called the Silurian period) and paint the picture of a very different looking shark to those to which modern researchers are accustomed. In recent decades, the ever-improving tools of discovery … Read more

How Do Sharks Use Electroreception And How Does It Work?

Electroreception In Sharks

Sharks have the most acutely developed electroreception abilities of all the animals on earth and in the oceans. They use electroreception to detect and interpret the electric field of their prey with modified sensory organs on their snout. This sensory perception is enabled by the Ampullae of Lorenzini. What Is Electroreception (In Sharks)? Electroreception is … Read more

The Diet Of A Shark

Shark Diet

All sharks are carnivores, which means that their diet consists of other animals. Most sharks eat living flesh, while some may eat carrion, which is made up of the remains of fish and other marine animals that have already died. Sharks are usually thought of as having huge, razor-sharp teeth, just waiting to tear through … Read more

What Are Carcharhiniformes?


Carcharhiniformes (also known as ground sharks) are found in almost every marine habitat (i.e. different temperatures, topographies, salinity levels areas and depths) on earth. This order of sharks has a particularly long snout, or nose. Carcharhiniformes are known for the adaptability and variability of its members in order to ensure survival in many different circumstances. … Read more

How Do Sharks Maintain Buoyancy?

Shark Buoyancy

Sharks don’t use a swim bladder like most fish do to maintain buoyancy but use their liver, fins and cartilaginous structure instead. Buoyancy is achieved by the low density of the shark liver, the dynamic lift from the fins and the low density of their cartilage. Do Sharks Have Swim Bladders? Most fish use a … Read more

How Does A Shark Brain Work And What Does It Look Like?

Shark Brain

Sharks are intellectual creatures with complex brains. It remains a misconception that sharks are unintelligent, surviving purely off instinct and spending their lives in pursuit of a meal. Research that supported this idea was rudimentary and usually based on the small sharks to which scientists had access. With increased time, finances and resources available today, … Read more

9 Of The Most Famous & Popular Shark Species

Famous Popular Shark Species

Although there are hundreds upon hundreds of different shark species, there are a handful of these predators that are better known amongst marine ‘laymen’. The majority of these are known for their attacks, size or unique physical attributes. 9 of the best known shark species are described up below. 1. The Great White Shark The … Read more