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Sam And Sarah Saw Seven Sharks – What Is The Answer

The excess of free time during the lockdown period has led many people to surf the digital platform and opt for different online quizzes, puzzles, and riddles to boost their skills. During the COVID-19 Pandemic – the riddle Sam And Sarah Saw Seven Sharks has gone viral on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The riddle is simple yet confusing which led people to scratch their heads while finding the answer.

Did you try to solve this riddle? Tried but couldn’t find the answer. Oh, dear. Don’t worry. Let’s drool into the article – open up the mystery box and find your answer. Scroll down!

Sarah and Sam saw seven sharks. How many ‘S’ are in the sentence?

The riddle is famous because the riddle is leaving many people confused especially on lockdown days.

The answer to this riddle is 1.

You must be thinking how is it possible? Right?

Without wasting your precious time, we are going to reveal the secret behind the answer so that you can easily understand it. Shall we proceed? Let’s go.

The Mystery behind the answer

At first, people think of 7 as an answer, others may expect 2 by just counting the total number of ‘S’ in the sentence. Sadly all are the wrong answers. Don’t be confused. Let’s find out the answer to the confusing but interesting riddle. Allow us!

By simply looking at the sentence, you just focus on the capital letter ‘S’. Right? Do you think the riddle would be so simple that just by counting the number of ‘S’ you will get your answer? That’s funny!

Instead of counting the number of ‘S’ just focus on the word “Sentence” in the riddle. Now read it again with full concentration. What did you find? Only 1 “S”.  Yes. Now you get it right – the answer is 1. And that S lies in the word “Sentence”.

Are there any benefits of solving the riddles or is it just a time-pass activity? Let’s explore what benefits people get by solving tricky riddles. Research has been made in this regard which has shown proven positive effects of riddle-solving activities on people’s mental health. Some of their benefits are:”

Benefits of solving the riddles

Following are the valuable benefits of solving the riddles:

  • It helps people in Meditation
  • It enhances the problem-solving strategies
  • It enhances the learning and thinking abilities of people.
  • It keeps your mind healthy and active.
  • It improves the intelligence quotient (IQ) score.
  • It enhances your memory.
  • It improves your cognitive ability.
  • It increases productivity and efficiency to complete the tasks.
  • It improves the concentration of a person.
  •   It acts as a stress releaser.

What does it conclude?

Sam And Sarah Saw Seven Sharks is an interesting but tricky riddle that made many people crazy during the quarantine. People tried but they were unable to find out the correct answer because they were focusing on the total number of S in the riddle. Instead of counting all S in the riddle just focus on the word “Sentence” which has only 1 S, so the answer to this mysterious riddle is 1. Got it? Now you can also challenge your family, friends, and colleagues and get hilarious replies. 

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