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The Best Beaches To Find Sharks Teeth In the World

No matter what your intentions are, finding shark teeth never go easy unless you are looking for them in the right place. Remember, you are not alone in the hunt, but there are many looking for shark teeth at many different places around the world. If you do not head to the right place the first time, there may be someone who will grab the pieces of treasures.

Going through this piece of information will equip you with the information that you must know if you are heading to find shark teeth. It’s all going to be about the best beaches to find shark teeth in the world. So, do check out the names and see which one is nearest to you and then try your luck.

Best Beaches to Find Sharks Teeth In the World

It used to be thought that shark teeth were found wherever sharks were, and while that may be true up to a point, there are some places where shark teeth can be found in better condition and in abundance. To save you time, effort, energy, and resources, we have come up with the names of the beaches and a quick overview of them where you are highly likely to find valuable shark teeth. Let’s proceed to the names now.

1: Beaches of Venice, Florida

Without a doubt, it takes the lead position as the place is believed to be the shark tooth capital of the world. As you walk along the beach, you will easily be able to find shark teeth here, which is why this place is named for it. Shark teeth can be found in abundance on and around the beaches of Venice, Florida. All types of fossils, from shark teeth to other types, are continuously being eroded by the ocean and washed onto the shoreline.

2: Calvert Cliffs State Park, Maryland

A popular destination among fossil hunters, Calvert Cliffs State Park is home to an abundance of fossils. Shark teeth can be found at low tide here, which is the best time to hunt them. It is not unusual for the beach to be completely submerged during high tide.

Be careful, as falling debris may come tumbling down the cliffs, so keep a safe distance while you are on a hunt.

3: Shipwreck Beach Lanai, Hawaii

A place known for its beaches, add shark tooth hunting to your to-do list if you are heading to Hawaii. This Shipwreck Beach offers an opportunity to visit a fossil site without having to deal with crowds. The best thing is that there is no one around to disturb you while you dig for fossilized shark teeth for the entire day.

4: Cumberland Island, Georgia

Providing a good opportunity for fossil hunters, Cumberland Island is situated at an isolated location; thus, you will not be disturbed by the crowd. There is a good chance that you will find both shark teeth and other fossils if you spend some time exploring the beaches here.

5: San Jose Island, Texas

Shark teeth hunting at this location is not the only draw; it is also a great place to camp with your friends and family overnight. There are relatively few people on this long island, which is not quite as crowded as it appears on the surface. A trip to the island is made even more magical at night when bioluminescent plankton illuminates the waters.

6: Hornby Island, Canada

It’s an excellent location to find shark teeth, and it’s located in a remote area, so you’re almost sure to find it for yourself. Aside from finding the teeth of present shark species, if you look thoroughly, you may find the Megalodon teeth as well. Make sure you know the shark teeth identification.

7: Herne Bay, UK

As far as shark tooth hunting goes, Herne Bay is probably the best location in the UK. As a result of the area’s superior quality, Europeans frequently visit it to see what’s on offer. At the beach, one sometimes finds teeth from an extinct shark species called Stratiolamia macrota. It is best to visit at low tide in spring when there is more room to explore.

8: Cadzand Beach, Netherland

You need to drive straight to Cadzand Beach in the Netherlands if you want to go for shark teeth hunting. A popular place for shark teeth hunting, check out what they have to say on their website at what points to look for.


In order to find shark teeth, one must know where to look, and the chances of success increase dramatically if you find them in the right place. There is a probability that the beach nearest to you has the best chance of having sharks’ teeth. The best beaches in the world to find shark teeth mentions some of the famous beaches, including the beaches of Venice, Florida, Hawaii, Georgia, Canada, the UK, and many more.

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