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What Do Anglerfish Eat?

Angler fish is a member of the order Lophiiformes, they are the most terrifying species of the ocean that have long sharp razor-like teeth that allow them to grab prey of any type. Interestingly, these species store the food in their body to compete with the conditions when the food is unavailable.

The Anglerfishes include many food items in their menu, keep on reading to find out more about their feeding habitat.

How Do Anglerfish Hunt Their Prey?

The primary strategy of the Anglerfish to grab prey is to stay at one point anywhere near the floor of the ocean to conserve their energy and wait for the arrival of the prey. Once the target enters their vicinity, the Anglerfish hit them strongly, making them unconscious and consuming the prey. Moreover, the large size of their jaws allows the Anglerfish to grab prey twice their size.

What Do Anglerfish Eat?

Anglerfishes are carnivorous species that include fleshy and juicy items in their diet. Some of them are listed below:

1: Crustacean

The Anglerfish enjoy juicy crustaceans that have fleshy lobes with yummy filaments. They attract the crustaceans such as snails and crabs by their luminescent capabilities and trap them with their sharp pointed teeth.

2: Snails

As Anglerfish are bottom dwellers they include Snails and bivalves in their diet because both are abundantly present near the floor of the ocean. The snail provides them with many nutrients which help them to regain their body energy.

3: Small Fishes

Anglerfishes use the technique of luminescence to attract small fishes towards them and catch them. Small fishes are fleshly and juicy which attracts the Anglerfish the most.

4: Dead Matters

Not only living creatures, but Anglerfish also feed on the dead decaying matter of the animals such as dead fishes, turtles, squids, seabirds, or the carcasses of the wildlife marine mammals dumped in the ocean waters.

5: Large Prey

The anglerfish also feed on prey that is twice as compared to their size. Their flexible jaws allow them to grab the haddocks, cows, octopuses, sea turtles, and giant squids.

6: Jellyfish

Interestingly, jellyfishes are included in the menu of Anglerfish as these are highly nutritive and provides a good source of proteins and calories to them.

7: Sea Birds

Though they are bottom dwellers, in search of food, they also visit the shoreline where they can easily encounter the seabirds.

8: Turtles

As you know that turtles are larger as compared to Anglerfish but the pointed teeth allow them to knock down the turtles and feed on them.

9: Octopus

The Anglerfish also sometimes become opportunistic and feed on anything they find or fit in their mouth. Octopuses are though being large size but Anglerfish make them their potential meal.

10: Squids

The Anglerfish feed on squids as well because they provide high nutrition to them and are abundantly present near the ocean floor.


Anglerfish are carnivorous species and are picky eaters which include diversified animals in their menus such as fishes, crustaceans, octopuses, crabs, squids, and jellyfish. Further, these species also feed on animals that are twice their size such as Cods, seabirds, sea turtles, and haddocks as well. All these items provide enough nutrition to these bottom dwellers to retain their energy levels.

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