Are There Sharks In The Atlantic Ocean?

As we all know about 500 harks live under the water. Sharks are widely distributed all over the globe and are sighted in almost all the extended water of the Planet. The habitat of sharks is species dependents. what about the Atlantic Ocean? Are there any species of sharks sighted there? To know the answer, scroll down and learn more.

What Do The Atlantic Ocean Covers?

Interestingly, the Atlantic Ocean is the hometown of many underwater creatures. The Ocean is extended to an area of about 106,460,000 km– from the Western coast of the United Kingdom or Europe to the Eastern coast of North America towards the Caribbean Sea.

Are There Sharks In The Atlantic Ocean?

Yes! Many sharks have been seen diving in the Atlantic Ocean. According to the reported data, more than 43 species of sharks are spotted in the Atlantic Ocean – the type of species varies from the voracious to the peaceful sharks, and all are found in the Atlantic Ocean.

In The Atlantic Waters, Which Sharks Are Commonly Spotted?

Though there are many species of sharks seen in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, some of the most common sharks are listed below:

1:  Great Hammerhead Shark

The Great hammerhead shark is the apex predator which can reach a length of about 11 to 15 feet maximum. These species can be easily spotted because of their odd-looking hammer-like head. The sharks find abundant food in the Atlantic Ocean such as small fishes, crustaceans, bony fishes, small sharks, and cephalopods.

2:  Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks are one of the common species of sharks found in the Atlantic Ocean. They are named so because they have black tiger-like stripes on their skin which is why they can be easily spotted by their physical appearance. The nocturnal hunters include seals, dolphins, crustaceans, sea snakes, or sea birds in their diet.

3:  Bull Shark

The Bull shark favors the warm coastal waters which are inhabited by estuaries, bays, and rivers. They have a bull-like appearance and have black spots on the pectoral fins which distinguish them from the other species. Though they do not attack humans intentionally, if you provoke them then you are at a high risk of being attacked by them.

4:  Great White Shark

Another fascinating creature of the ocean water is the Great white shark which due to its beautiful appearance, attracts visitors. The White shark can have a length of 13 to 16 feet and have a remarkable life span of 70 years. Interestingly, they are the apex hunter and have only one predator under the water – the Orcas. They can jump out of the water for a few seconds and often visit the shoreline which is why there are many cases of sharks attack on humans that have been recorded.

5:  Basking Shark

The Basking shark is the second largest species of shark living on the Planet and the length or weight of this unique species is equal to the double-decker bus. Due to their size, they are named the king of the Atlantic waters. They are filter feeds, mostly spotted near the ocean floor, and include planktons as their primary source of food.

6:  Spinner Shark

Spinner sharks are known for their ability to spin their entire body and use these tactics to hunt their prey. The sharks feed on mackerels, tunas, herrings, squids, small sharks, and octopuses. Due to human activities, the population of sharks has been declining in the past few years. If such practices will continue then there will be a high chance of the complete disappearance of sharks from the ocean waters in a few upcoming years.

7:  Lemon Shark

These sharks prefer the warm water of the Atlantic Ocean to thrive and wander in the extended waters. The grey-brownish body of the shark can grow to a length of 11 feet maximum. The nocturnal species hunt mostly at night and include small sharks, cephalopods, and crustaceans in their menu. The sharks do not interact with humans as they feel threatened due to pollution, overfishing, and finning as well.

8:   Blue Shark

The most graceful species of the shark realm is the Blue shark which is royal bluish and gains people’s attraction. As they are migratory species, the shark is not an habitant of the Atlantic Ocean but does take a long tour, starting from the Caribbean Sea towards South African waters, and return to their native habitat, thus exhibiting the clockwise migratory behavior.

9:  Sandbar Shark

The torpedo-shaped body with extremely long dorsal fins can be helpful to distinguish the sharks in the Atlantic waters. These species of sharks belong to a group of Requiem sharks and grow to a length of 13 feet maximum. These species often visit the shoreline in the search of food. The primary food item includes small sharks, cephalopods, and bony fishes.

10:  Whale Shark

They are the largest species of sharks that prefer to live in warm waters for about 130 years. The giant creatures are filter feeders and can have a length of 60 to 70 feet maximum. Their mouth is equipped with more than 300 rows of teeth and 20 filter pads which allow them to grasp their prey easily.


The Atlantic Ocean has more than 43 species of sharks under the water. The species of sharks vary and are aggressive, fearsome, calm, or peaceful. Moreover, the size of the species varies greatly from each other. Some of the common sharks spotted in the Atlantic Ocean are listed along with detail in the article that you might encounter if you ever plan to visit the Atlantic waters.

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