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What Do Crabs Eat?

Crabs are not considered to be friendly animals and once something gets into their claws; it does not let go easily- leaving that part sore and the physical pain is never to be forgotten. It is advised to stay away from it as it follows and crawls with speed so having a distance from it is better. A crab is a crustacean belonging to the phylum Arthropoda.

Crabs prefer smaller crabs, some small fishes, and other crustaceans…

Crabs Favourite Meal

Crabs enjoy eating other crustaceans like; shrimps, krills, and prawns. Crabs feed on multiple living organisms and it has a variety of choices in food; it depends on what it prefers.

List Of Animals That Crabs Like To Eat

There are various living organisms present in aquatic life that are eaten by crabs; they are

  • Small crabs: small crabs are pea-sized crabs that are eaten by big crabs.
  • Small fishes: are present almost everywhere in sea life and are mostly eaten by predators.
  • Crustaceans: these involve shrimps, krills, and prawns and are mostly enjoyed by crabs.
  • Shrimps: it is eaten by crabs and other big-sized fishes.
  • Krills: they also become lunch for most fishes and crabs.
  • Squid: soft-bodied mollusks and are eaten by big-sized crabs
  • Small clams: it is a bunch of big-sized crabs.
  • Mussels: small shelled mollusks, these fishes are consumed by humans and crabs too.
  • Algae: it is a photosynthetic eukaryotic organism that lacks roots, stems, and leaves; often eaten by crabs and other aquatic animals.

Types Of Crabs

There are many types of crabs present in this world. Namely:

  • The red king crab
  • Alaskan king crab
  • Giant mud crab
  • Ghost crab
  • Red rock crab
  • Fiddler crab
  • The giant Japanese crab

There are many other types of crabs present that are becoming extinct and some new breeds are taking birth as well.

The Largest Crab

The giant Japanese crab is a scavenger, and it consumes mollusks, dead animals, and dead plants. It is usually present at depths of the sea.

The Smallest Crab

The pea crab is the smallest crab, and it eats very less; it is like a parasite. It usually lives in the shells of mollusks and eats whatever the hosts eat.


Crabs do not eat humans, but they do harm humans and anything that comes in close contact with it. It is fast in its motion and keeps on following whatever it puts its eyes on- whether it is a thing or a human. Keeping a distance from crabs would help humans not to get their fingers or feet inside the crab claws… as its grip is strong and tight, and it does not let go- leaving the hand, feet, or fingers sore and badly hurt.

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