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What Do Jellyfish Eat And How Do They Do It?

Jellyfish are almost present in all seas and oceans as it has the ability to survive in salty and freshwater too. It belongs to the phylum Cnidaria and it is an invertebrate. Jellyfish is famous for its mesmerizing, spellbinding beauty… It is dreamy and aesthetic in appearance. We will be focusing on and jotting down the diet of starfish.

What Jellyfish Ingests

There are many kinds of foods that jellyfish consume…

  1. Plankton: Mostly, jellyfish consume plankton; these microscopic organisms are found in salty water.
  2. Small fishes: eggs of small fish and small fish are proteinaceous. Eaten by most jellyfish; it contains rich protein.
  1. Crustaceans: Some jellyfish consume animals like shrimp, lobsters, and crabs. Jellyfish consume crustaceans by paralyzing them through their stingers  
  2. Plants: seaweed, algae, and phytoplankton are foods that jellyfish devour; although jellyfish are carnivorous.

How Do Jellyfish Eat?

Usually, jellyfish are not of the comportment to chase and hunt; it floats and ingests whatever small organism comes near to them and grabs the prey with their stingers. It can not chew because there are no teeth present. It ingests and absorbs all the nutrients through its enzymes and then excretes out waste of the food through the same opening it ingested in the first place. Even though it does not eat humans, direct contact with humans causes red patches and sometimes severe allergies.

Some Famous Types Of Jellyfish

Some famous types of arresting jellyfish are as follows:

  1. Blue jellyfish
  2. Carukia barnesi
  3. Immortal jellyfish
  4. Crown jellyfish
  5. Comb jellies
  6. Moon jelly
  7. Chironex

Peculiar Behaviour Of Jellyfish

There are some jellyfish that show an eldritch practice- strange behaviours of eating their own kind of jellyfish. It has null nutrients in it.

Bottom Line

A jellyfish is an eye-catching sea life organism, and it ingests small organisms like plankton, small fishes, and crustaceans… It also consumes other small jellyfish. Some humans even consume jellyfish, and it is even offered in some restaurants. Sea animals like turtles and sunfish consume jellyfish as their meal.

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