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What Do Sea Snakes Eat?

Sea snakes, by their name, show that they belong to marine life. There are several kinds of sea snakes present in the coastal areas swimming and it also looks like normal land snakes… sea snakes prefer eels in all the other food options- we will scrutinize what they ingest.


Sea snakes are found in coastal areas and some even are present on sea floors. On the Pacific and Indian Ocean shores, one can conveniently observe these species from a distance.

Length of Sea Snakes

As compared to land snakes, sea snakes almost are the same length as land snakes- ranging from 3- 5 feet and some are even 9 feet long; all sea snakes are poisonous.

Food Sea Snakes Choose to Ingest

Mostly sea snakes chase their food in coral reefs and are also seen to consume their food near the sea floor. Sea snakes swallow like land snakes but ingest numerous sea animals:

1: Small fishes

2: Mullets

3: Eels

4: Rabbitfish

5: Flatfish

6: Fish eggs

7: Surgeonfish

8: Small Octopus

9: Soft-shelled crabs

10: Pufferfish

Sea snakes prefer eating eels- it’s on top of their food list.

Sea snakes as Predators

They normally don’t have a nature to hunt down whatever it sees but they only attack sea animals and sometimes humans when they feel threatened. Sean snakes hunt like normal animals hunt their prey when hungry- it devours small fishes, and eels are their favorite.

Uncanny Facts about Sea Snakes

  • Sea snakes need some air to breathe so it often swims at the surface to breathe.
  • It usually lives in the saltwater
  • Land snakes lay eggs whereas sea snakes are ovoviviparous; it lays their offspring- born fully formed.
  • Like land snakes sea snakes as well are venomous and if any big sea animal tries to consume sea snakes, it poisons that organism…
  • Normally sea snakes are 3- 5 ft long… Some are even 9 ft large too
  • It is of different colors; mostly bright colors so it is visible to the eyes
  • Its relative in land is a cobra. Sea snakes are highly poisonous so, humans should stay away from them as far as they can

In a Nutshell

Sea snakes like land snakes are highly poisonous. Humans should take notice not to go close to snakes on land and even in the water. Never swim on the coasts of the given oceans as many other dangerous animals are on the lookout to find their prey and consume meat. One should do wise actions and stay safe.

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