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What Sound Does a Shark Make?

What Sound Does a Shark Make

Sharks are known to be one of scariest aquatic creatures that hunt other living things to eat their meat. Most of the predators on the land and in water make sounds to alert or warn their prey. But, have you ever heard any shark making a sound even in movies if not in reality? Now, you may remember all the sharks that you have seen in movies did not ever make any sound before attacking someone. 

The sharks actually make no sound. The reason is that they do not have the organs that are involved in making any sound, unlike the majority of aquatic creatures. Sharks do not have vocal chords that are the main organs to make any sound or noise. So, even if they want to make any sound, they cannot. 

The presence of sharks can only be sensed by the movement of its body and the waves they produce while moving in the water. But, their gill movement is also so smooth in the water that gives it a ghost-like appearance. Their speed is also so fast that their prey seldom finds any way to protect themselves.

Is There Any Shark That Makes Sound?

Now, you may think that is there any shark in the world that has the ability to make sound? There are almost four hundred to five hundred species of sharks that exist and no one has ever been seen making any kind of noise. 

So, we can conclude that sharks never make noise, rather they move in the water silently. Despite the fact that they lack the necessary organs that are involved in making sound, it becomes very easy for them to hunt their prey. But, there was a report from New Zealand that some sharks called draughtsboard sharks that produce sounds similar to barking but people are still not sure whether it is correct or not.

Is it Good For Sharks to Not Make Sound? 

As said earlier, hunting becomes very easy for sharks as they silently prey on the other creature without warning them or letting them know about their existence before arriving, unlike the other predators. While it is good for the sharks to stay silent while hunting, it is equally unfortunate for the creatures they prey on because they do get any time to stay alert on the arrival of any shark near them and protect themselves.

The Bottom Line

Sharks do not make any sound or noise. In fact, there is a vast number of species of sharks and no one has ever been seen making any sound or noise. Rather, they silently travel in the water without letting anyone know or have any indication of their presence. While this is beneficial for the sharks to prey on anything without even letting that creature know about their arrival, it is very unfortunate for their prey.

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