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Pygmy Shark

Whenever the phrase “shark” is mentioned, the image of a giant monster creature comes to mind, but little is known about the ocean being full of mysteries and holding numerous creatures that we do not know about. Sharks are fascinating creatures and have inhabited for thousands of years and have evolved into over 500 species. They are taken as giant monsters, but you will see many small size sharks as well, for example, the pygmy shark.

Due to its small size, it is often considered a type of fish, but in reality, it’s a species of shark. This article is going to look into the details of this splendid small creature and will see how it lives in the ocean.

All you need to know about the Pygmy shark

The pygmy shark is famous for its small size and is regarded as the second smallest after the dwarf lantern shark. Having spherical snouts, huge eyes, and glowing tissues on the underside of its figure, it resembles a tiny, cylindrical shark.


Let us introduce you to the kind of prey the pygmy shark feed on and how they reproduce to maintain their specie count in an ocean.

Prey: Small crustaceans, bony fishes, and squids are found at the bottom of the ocean.

Reproduction: The pygmy shark is ovoviviparous and typically produces eight young at a time.

Scientific classification


Amid the ocean, these sharks likely, but not necessarily, inhabit epipelagic, mesopelagic, and bathypelagic environments. They migrate from near the surface to 4920 feet, perhaps as deep as the bottom, and can be found at a depth of 6000 to 32000 feet.

How big do pigmy sharks get?

A pygmy shark is only a few inches long at birth, measuring between 2.36 and 3.93 inches. In males, maturity takes place between 6.69 and 7.48 inches, while in females, maturation occurs between 8.66 and 9.05 inches. A maximum length of 10.62 inches can be reached by this species of shark.

Conservation status

As far as threats are concerned, this small creature is not in any danger. They are classified as the least concern by the international body known as the IUCN.


The Pygmy shark has a cigar-shaped body that reaches a length of a few inches, a distinctive collar marking around the gills, and a docile personality. Even though it’s small, it’s not a fish but belongs to a family of Dalatidae, the family of kitefin sharks.

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