What do Mako Sharks eat

In addition to being one of the fastest sharks in the ocean, mako sharks are also known for their intelligence and hunting ability. Mako sharks can easily be identified due to the fact that they have pointed snouts, long, thin teeth, light blue metallic sides, and crescent-shaped tails. There is a variation in body color dorsally, ranging from light blue to dark blue and white undersides.

It is not surprising that the mako shark stands out from more than 500 shark species. However, due to massive shark killing and overfishing, mako sharks have been declared an endangered species, and they are about to get extinct from the world’s oceans.

As much as we care about them, we need to understand and look for their food requirements and preferences. There is a question we often ask ourselves: What do mako sharks eat? And normally, we believe that whatever they can find is what they eat. But it’s not exactly how it is. Mako sharks have their likes and dislikes when it comes to food choices.

According to statistics, they need to consume about 3% of their body weight in order to survive. Taking this into account, this means that a 150-pound shark would need to eat 4.5 pounds of fish every day. It is the least they need for survival. But how much do mako sharks weigh? Well, we are going to let you know this as well as what do mako sharks eat. Let’s continue to read on with us.

About Mako Sharks

Without knowing the mako shark’s habitat, we won’t be able to get an idea of what they eat.

Unlike other shark species, mako sharks are found in water as deep as 1600 feet, as well as in shallow waters. They can live in colder waters in the open ocean due to their endothermic properties, though they prefer water temperatures between 17 and 22 Celsius. Except for the Polar Regions, Mako sharks live practically anywhere there is a warm ocean.

In terms of size, these sharks are large, with an average length of 10 feet, whereas the largest individuals may reach 15 feet in total. As with other shark species, the female mako sharks are a bit larger than their male counterparts.

Mako sharks can live for more than 30 years, but they reach maturity at different ages. Approximately eight years old is the age that males reach maturity, and the age that females reach maturity is 19 years old. Internal fertilization and development of eggs take place within the mother’s body.

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On the subject of weight, mako sharks range in size from 130 pounds to 375 pounds, though they have been reported to weigh as much as 1100 pounds at their maximum.

Considering the fact that a 150-pound shark would need to eat 4.5 pounds of fish every day, you can estimate the amount of food a mako shark would need to consume.

Moving forward, let’s now see what do mako sharks eat.

Diet of the mako sharks

Makos are fast creatures, which means they have a higher metabolic rate and need to feed repeatedly several times a day. Mako sharks are carnivorous, and they feed on a wide range of prey.

Several different species of fish, including Mackerel, swordfish, herring, bonitos, bony fish, and cetaceans, serve as their primary food. Other than that, mako sharks also eat turtles, squids, seabirds, small marine mammals, and other smaller sharks.

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Makos are highly capable of observing what is above them when they are swimming under their prey, making them highly likely to reach their prey before they notice it. Their hunting method involves leaping upwards, grabbing their prey with their exceptionally strong teeth, and chunking off the sides and fins.

Do mako sharks eat humans?

The shark is commonly thought to be aggressive, and most of us are terrified of them because we believe they will swallow us whole. However, it is not the case. With over 500 species, there are only a few that are believed to be the most dangerous; the rest of them are quite normal.

With that said, sharks of any size possess danger, and you must not provoke them; rather, treat them with care. The most number of shark attacks happened due to human provocation.

When it comes to mako sharks, they are not considered aggressive towards humans, and they are not likely to attack. But, if you invite them in any way, they will strike in self-defense. Even then, eating humans is not what mako sharks like.

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Mako sharks are voracious predators and will eat just about anything they can fit into their mouth, including fish of various types, squid, octopus, and small sharks. They use their sharp teeth to quickly tear their prey into small pieces that they can swallow.

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