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Discover the 10 Most Expensive Fish You Can Eat Around The World

Discover the 10 Most Expensive Fish You Can Eat Around The World copy

You went to a nice dining restaurant and looked for exquisite and delicate fish to eat. You are going through the menu and find out that some of the fish are costing you a true fortune. Now, you must be wondering, is this fish even worth the price? So, Today, I will be helping you to quench your thirst for having top-tier fish for your delicate taste buds. Here is the list of the top 10 most expensive fish you can eat around the globe.

10 Most Expensive Fish You Can Eat Around The World

Based on the rarity, legal constraints, or demand, a fish can cost you from a few dollars to millions of dollars $. These are the most expensive fish you can eat today.

1: Bluefin Tuna

The king of fish meat, Bluefin Tuna, is officially the world’s most expensive fish meat out there. It can cost you around 5000$ or more per pound. 

Bluefin Tuna belongs to the tuna family and is commonly popular as tunny. It has a specific blue and grayish color. With a big mouth and conical-shaped body, it is a dream fish for fish eaters. They are found in the Mediterranean, Northern and Southern Atlantic Oceans.

Bluefin Tuna is considered the key ingredient to authentic Sushi in Japan. Its price here can start from 100$ to 150$ if you are visiting a local store. But for the high-end restaurant, it can easily cost you around 170 to 350$ per pound. It even costs up to 5000$ depending upon the tuna they use.

It is costly not just because it is the tastiest tuna, but also due to its scarcity. It is also one of the biggest edible fish available. Other than being rare, it is the crucial component of Japan’s delicacy, Sushi. Because of this, Fishermen hunted them so much that it is now nowhere to be found, adding more fuel to their price.

Fun Fact: The largest Bluefin Tuna was sold at a whopping 3 Million dollars, for a 600 kg Tuna. That’s around 5 Grands(5000$) per pound.

2: American Glass Eel

On the second number, we have the North American delicate fish, the American Glass Eel. In the first look, this eel looks like a humble dish, similar to noodles. However, don’t get deceived by the looks as it actually costs you a fortune to buy this.

A small eel can be of merely 2 to 3 inches in length, which can grow up to 4 feet. It has a long snake-like body similar to a snake with small dorsal fins, anal and pectoral fins. This fish is native to North America, but is quite rare now and hardly being farmed anywhere in the world.

It can on average cost you around 2,000 to 3,000$ per pound and it tastes similar to chicken meat. It is used to make the best unagi(a dish made of fish) in Japan.

3: Pufferfish

This fish not only upholds a truly expensive price tag but can also cause some serious damage to its consumer. Pufferfish is known for its poisonous behavior, despite this, people love to eat its meat considering it as a delicacy.

This fish balloon has spikes all over its body, with a special toxin called TTX(Tetrodotoxin). It does not allow anyone to come close to this fish, especially when it is puffed. It is so poisonous that hardly any chef is allowed to cut and cook this fish.

It costs around 200$ or more, with a risk of getting poisoned if there is any tiniest mistake made while cooking. Still, hundreds of people are visiting Japan to eat Fugu(a dish made of Pufferfish) to taste this dangerous delicacy.

4: Alaskan Wild King Salmon

The true king of the Salmon family, Alaskan Wild King Salmon is one of its kind. It is quite similar to the Red King Salmon. The main difference is its meat, which is soft and less red than the Red King Salmon

The fish is a grayish-silver in color, popular as chinook. It is found in North America’s North Pacific region. The fish meat is a real gem, due to its soft and succulent meat. Eating it gives you a truly delicate experience, one of a kind.

It can cost around 70$ to 100$ per pound, as it is not farmed and due to a lot of fishing, it is quite less in number making it even more expensive. A huge amount of good fats make it popular among the public.

5: Swordfish

The Swordfish has been a symbol of success for the fisherman for centuries. Other than having stunning fish to brag about, it is also famous for its flavorful filets and other dishes. 

The Swordfish was named due to its sharp and pointy bill. It is one of the most vicious/brutal predators and feeds upon tuna and other fish in the Ocean. It is found in the Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans. They can be of massive size and weigh up to 200 pounds.

Due to its mild flavor, it is popular to make dishes like filets and steaks. It can cost around 60$ to 75$ to get one pound of this gem.

6: Yellowfin Tuna

Tunas are not going anywhere when it comes to expensive and flavorful fish. Yellowfin Tuna is also one of them. The staggering yellow color on its fin makes Yellowfin Tuna unique from the rest of the Tuna out there.

Found in Hawaii’s tropical waters, this fish has distinct spikes on its upper and lower parts (but can be found worldwide). It weighs up to 180 pounds, which is still way less than a lot of other Tuna family members.

Its distinct red meat is quite famous in Japanese Sushi. On average it can cost around 30$ per pound these days. Its meat is rich in flavor, good oils, and nutrients.

7: Chinook Salmon

Chinook Salmon is the true definition of buttery meat at a high-end price. It is found in the Ocean near Alaska, California, and North America. It has a distinguishing look from other salmon, thanks to the greenish color it has on its body.

It can cost nearly 30$ per pound. The main reason is that excessive fishing is turning this flavorful fish into a novelty to experience. Rarity and unmatched flavor taking its price standard even higher in the future.

8: Halibut

The sweet and delightful taste of halibut often does not match its appearance. This world’s flat fish, with each eye on the same side of their head. It is slightly light from the bottom with a dark brown color on the upper part. It also has small scales all over its body.

Halibut is native to Canadians and Alaskan people for a very long time. It is consumed to the end that it is classified as an endangered marine species there. As per authorities, now Halibut near the US Oceans are mostly fished to eat. It costs almost the same as Chinook Salmon, which is nearly 30$ per pound. It has a sweet and tangy flavor that compliments your taste buds, even if you don’t like fish.

9: Dover Sole

This popular seafood is one of the favorite dishes for most marine cuisine fans. This flatfish is commonly available, but its deeply flavored meat is popular among the masses.

It has a small mouth, while the right side is holding both of its eyes on its body. It is often found in the saltwater of the deep Oceans, but its staggering flavor and easy-to-prepare nature allowed it to rest in the hearts of fish lovers. It can often cost around 25$ to 30$ per pound, which is a slightly decent hit to your normal budget.

10: Sockeye Salmon

If we are talking about price-to-taste comparison in salmon, nothing can beat the Sockeye Salmon. This weirdly curved redfish, with a green head, might not appeal to you until it hits your tastebuds.

It is one of the most common salmon located in the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Despite being widely available, it is still an expensive option, costing around 20 to 22$ per pound. The unique taste is the reason it’s liked by people as most fishes do not have to offer this kind of taste.

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Final Thoughts

All these fishes are one of the most delicate experiences you can have in your life. So, if having luxurious food is one of your preferences, these 10 most expensive fish can be an excellent choice to meet your taste buds’ expectations. (but comes with a price for sure)

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