What Is A Carpet Shark?

Carpet Shark

Carpet Sharks are also called Orectolobiformes. This order of shark consists of extremely diverse sharks, made up of individual species of many shapes, sizes, habitats, diets and remarkable physical characteristics. In general, carpet sharks are identified by their two dorsal fins and a very short, transverse mouth. Below each eye is a spiracle, the size … Read more

What Are Lamniformes (Mackerel Sharks)?


Lamniformes are also known as Mackerel Sharks. This one of the most well-known order of sharks as it includes famous species and feared hunters, like the Great White Shark, Basking Shark, Mako (Shortfin and Longfin) and Megamouth. Lamniformes have a particularly large mouth, ideal for seizing and immobilising large prey as well as for tearing … Read more

What Are Cow Sharks (Or Hexanchiformes)?

Sevengill Cow Shark

Cow Sharks are a group of sharks also known as Hexanchiformes, which live in the deepest and coldest waters of the world’s oceans. As such, they are particularly difficult to track and research, so little is known about this specific group. The Frilled Shark was included within this group, but has now been moved as … Read more

What Are Carcharhiniformes?


Carcharhiniformes (also known as ground sharks) are found in almost every marine habitat (i.e. different temperatures, topographies, salinity levels areas and depths) on earth. This order of sharks has a particularly long snout, or nose. Carcharhiniformes are known for the adaptability and variability of its members in order to ensure survival in many different circumstances. … Read more