Shark Orders


What Are Carcharhiniformes?

Carcharhiniformes (also known as ground sharks) are found in almost every marine habitat (i.e. different temperatures, topographies, salinity levels areas and depths) on earth. This order of sharks has a particularly long snout, or nose. Carcharhiniformes are known for the adaptability and variability of its members in order to ensure survival in many different circumstances. …

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Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Sharks (Diet, Habitat, Lifespan & Danger For Humans)

Hammerhead Sharks are a order of sharks with the remarkable feature of a snout that resembles a hammer head. The majority of Hammerhead Sharks are not dangerous to humans. They feed on rays, squid, octopus, other sharks and crustaceans and have an avarage lenght of 11.5 feet. The hammer on their head gives them the …

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