Why Do Sharks Like Blood?

Sharks! One of the most deadly predators of the ocean, their sturdy body and sharp razor-like teeth gives them a scary or even vicious look. Sharks are carnivores, they feed only on meat, and all the meat species living in the ocean that can bleed blood, no sharks will refuse the free meat! Just like you can’t turn down the free meal!

There are many delusions about the appetizer of sharks for blood, hence we are exploring why sharks are so much attracted toward blood that will be quite helpful for you! Let’s begin our journey and clear out the misconceptions about sharks!

Do sharks like blood?

Yes! Sharks like blood! Without any doubt, sharks have very well developed olfactory organs which help them to smell the scents long distances. Sharks like blood because the smell of blood specifies the presence of prey near them. Many people believe that a small amount of blood is enough to stimulate sharks but they do not become infuriated when they even smell the blood.

Do sharks are attracted to fresh blood?

No! They are not attracted towards the fresh blood, they are drawn more towards the blood rather than the type of blood.  But no clear studies have been presented yet about sharks that whether they like musty or fresh blood. Interestingly, some studies also depicted that sharks are more attracted towards the body fluids rather than blood because they are more fascinated in sensing amino acids present in the body fluids than blood. For sharks, blood is an indicator for sharks to locate their prey quite easily.

Whose blood do sharks like the most?

Sharks have a very powerful sense of smell, they are able to smell different kinds of blood molecules floating along with water waves but the blood of fishes excites them the most. Sharks naturally respond towards the smell of the blood of their divine prey! Well, it’s all up to sharks, whether they leave the prey or go behind it. So they prefer fish rather than humans even if they smell their blood.

Do sharks like the blood of other sharks?

Well, Yes! There are high chances that sharks may get attracted towards the blood of other sharks because when they smell the blood of other sharks, they act as predators and attack the other sharks for food. However, sometimes sharks attack the other sharks if they are injured or bleed, not for food but out of anger.

Do sharks like human blood?

Yes! Sharks do like human blood but not as much as the blood of ocean creatures like fishes, sea lions, eels and the members of their own category. Human meat is simply a different kind of food to them. There are many cases reported of sharks attacking humans like bull sharks, if given a chance, they will happily attack you! Bull sharks are known to eat humans as well.

In general, humans are not part of their diet chart, they do not like the smell of human blood, they attack people out of fear and curiosity but if they smell the blood before attack, there will be less chance of sharks attacking people.

Caution: Although sharks have more fear of humans, it is highly suggested to maintain a safe distance from them whenever you encounter them.

Final words

Sharks are one of the most feared creature on the planet and are being the murderous oceanic predator. They are capable of smelling the blood in the water and are naturally attracted towards it to locate the prey. We hope that our article will help you out to have a better understanding of captivation of sharks towards the smell of blood!

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